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Several medical conditions 
are associated with severe hypertriglyceridemia (sHTG)

Diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance

Diabetes can be a secondary cause of sHTG.2

Improved glycemic control can reduce TG levels, especially in patients with sHTG and poor glycemic control.2

Metabolic syndrome and obesity

Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed by the presence of three or more 
of the following39:

Abdominal obesity, defined by waist circumference

High triglycerides

Low HDL cholesterol

High blood pressure

High fasting glucose

Thus, sHTG is a component of the metabolic syndrome.

Lifestyle modifications addressing other components of the metabolic syndrome, especially abdominal obesity and high fasting glucose, may help reduce TG levels.2

Excessive alcohol consumption

Reduction or avoidance of alcohol consumption is recommended for reducing TG levels.4,23,31

The response to alcohol varies, but some individuals with high alcohol consumption exhibit up to 80% reductions in TG levels by avoiding alcohol consumption.4